Online Bingo is a very simple game to play but before you play it you should know the tips and rules to play the game in order to benefit from the winnings.

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Playing Bingo for Cash Prizes

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Bingo is very simple to play and the rules are easy to learn, which is probably why it is enjoyed by all ages. Below we have added tips for you to follow when playing Bingo Online. The game was originally played only in Bingo Halls or Bingo Rooms, but nowadays it can also be played on the Internet in one of the online bingo sites that offer online bingo chat rooms and a well-stabled bingo community.

Before joining an online bingo room or bingo community, you should have the knowledge of how to play the game first. Visit our "How to Play" page if you don't know the game of Bingo.

When you join the Bingo Chat Rooms you learn many useful online bingo tips from your fellow bingo friends.

Tips for Bingo - How Bingo is Played

The rules of the game are very easy and they are almost the same in land and online bingo halls.

Buying cards

Bingo starts with the players having to buy bingo cards with numbers on them. The cards have 5 rows across and 5 rows down and corresponds to the letters B-I-N-G-O. The aim of Bingo is to complete a certain pattern that is given to you in the beginning of the game.

There are many patterns to play such as S, L and 4 corners which can be completed in vertical, diagonal or horizontal rows. Payouts and bonuses usually vary between Bingo Rooms. Bingo is a game of pure luck whether you are playing land or online bingo with lots of unique cards to choose from.


The person who calls out the numbers is known as the caller and calls out numbers chosen by a random numbers generator machine (RNG). Depending on the Bingo Room a player can usually buy more than one card. Read the instructions and rules before you start playing Bingo which is one of the best online bingo tips you can ever get.

Bingo Session

In many online bingo rooms, there are different sessions you can play. You can either play at different bingo halls or choose your favourite type of game such as speed bingo, free bingo, and no deposit bingo.

Safety Guidelines

A majority of people are wary of playing casino games Online because of hackers who might corrupt their computers and gain access to their credit card details. When you play Bingo Online it should be a stress free experience and shouldn't make you panic. By following the steps below you will have nothing to worry about.

1 - Ensure that the website you are playing at is legit. Some sites lack organization so this makes it difficult to go through specific passwords, Web pages, registration numbers, and prize money which you will only receive long after you have hit the jackpot as Web Masters are so disorganized.

2 - There is unfortunately no bureau which concentrates on problems regarding Online Bingo and that guarantees a safe credit card number play. You could always play at Free sites which allow you to enjoy all the fun of the game without giving personal information. If you have any doubts about playing using your credit card go to the website and see if they offer privacy and security measures.

3 - You could also visit message boards found on the web that talks about topics such as getting ripped off by certain bingo sites or not being paid etc. If you think this will help you in your decision then an excellent site to visit is the Bingo Bugle Web site which offers a feedback column where players are able to report these sorts of problems with online bingo games.

4 - Don't ever display your password to anyone. Always choose a password that is unique and difficult for other people to guess in order to protect your account. Do not panic if you have forgotten your password as majority of the sites provide you with a hint or being able to get the password emailed to your email address.

5 - Be wary of sites that have big promises of winning huge cash prizes. Also never supply your number of your credit card. Many Online bingo players can tell you about terrible experiences about prizes never arriving or online accounts that were credited late or never at all.

6 - Always keep an eye out for free games. Stay with sites that have high traffic and promises great prizes while having fun at the same time. Without having to put a huge investment down to get it. Simply move on if you aren't buying it, that way you leave with no less money but at least have learnt a helpful lesson.







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