Bingo Magic provides you with the meanings of number terminology used in Bingo games as well as give you the most popular meanings of the number calls shouted out during Bingo games.

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If you are a novice to the game of bingo and feel unsure of the terminology that is used when the numbers are drawn, then here is a comprehensive list of the numbers and the expressions associated with them! From the obvious bingo calls like legs eleven to the more obscure, update yourself and keep your fingers on the bingo pulse!

1. Kelly's Eye

46. Up to Tricks

2. One Little Duck

47. Four and Seven

3. Cup of Tea

48. Four Dozen

4. Knock at the Door

49. PC

5. Man Alive

50. Half a Century

6. Tom Mix

51. Tweak of the Thumb

7. Lucky 7

52. Danny La Rue

8. Garden Gate

53. Stuck in the Tree

9. Doctors Orders

54. Clean the Floor

10. Tony's Den

55. Snakes Alive

11. Legs Eleven

56. Was she worth it

12. One Dozen

57. Heinz Varieties

13. Unlucky for Some

58. Make the, Wait

14. Valentines Day

59. Brighton Line

15. Young and Keen

60. Five Dozen

16. Sweet Sixteen

61. Bakers Bun

17. Dancing Queen

62. Turn on the Screw

18. Coming of Age

63. Tickle Me 63

19. Goodbye-Teens

64. Red Raw

20. One Score

65.Old Age Pension

21. Key of the Door

66. Clickety Click

22. Two Little Ducks

67. Made in Heaven

23. Three and Me

68. Saving Grace

24. Two Dozen

69. Either Way Up

25. Duck and Dive

70 Three score & Ten

26. Pick and Mix

71. Bang on the Drum

27. Gateway to Heaven

72. Six Dozen

28. Over Weight

73. Queen B

29. Rise and Shine

74. Candy Store

30. Dirty Gertie

75. Strive & Strive

31. Get up and Run

76. Trombones

32. Buckle my Shoe

77. Sunset Strip

33. Dirty Knee

78. Heavens Gate

34. Ask for More

79. One More Time

35. Jump and Jive

80. Eight & Blank

36. Three Dozen

81. Stop & Run

37. More than Eleven

82. Straight On Through

38. Christmas Cake

83. Time for Tea

39. Steps

84. Seven Dozen

40. Naughty Forty

85. Staying Alive

41. Time for Fun

86. Between the Sticks

42. Winnie the Pooh

87. Torquay in Devon

43. Down on your Knees

88. Two Fat Ladies

44. Droopy Drawers

89. Nearly There

45. Halfway There

90. Top of the Shop



Meanings behind some of the more obscure bingo phrases. Many terms used in bingo are simply based upon rhyming slang while others are based on the shape of the numbers.

Here are some number explanations for some of the numbers in Bingo:

9. Doctor's Orders:

Back in the days of the army there was a pill called number 9 and was a laxative that army doctors gave out to their patients.


10. Tony's Den:

This term changes according to who the Prime Minister is as Number 10 Downing Street is where the Prime Minister lives. Right now Tony Blair is the PM so the term is known as "Tony's Den".


17. Dancing Queen:

"You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen..." From The song from ABBA.


23 The Lord Is My shepherd:

Refers to the Bible - Psalm 23.


26. Bed and Breakfast:

The average Bed and Breakfast price you would pay which is 2 shillings and 6 pence.

30. Speed Limit:

The UK residential areas speed limit

33. Sherwood Forest:

Where Robin Hood lived.


39. Those Famous Steps:

"The 39 Steps" from the classic film / book


49. PC:

PC refers to Police Constable 49 who was a popular cop back in the day on the radio in Britain.


50. Bulls Eye:

The game of darts has a centre spot which is called the "Bull's Eye" and is worth 50 points if hit.


52. Danny La Rue:

Drag Artist from Britain.


57. Heinz Varieties:

Heinz 57 is a well known kind of tinned baked beans in United Kingdom


64. The Beatles Number:

Based on the Beatles song "When I'm 64"


65. Old age Pension:

Average age to claim state pension in Britain


72. Par for the course:

Based on terminology used when playing golf


76. Trombones: Refers to the musical piece "76 Trombones" which is heard in almost all parades

77. Sunset Strip: Popular TV Show in America.



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