Bingo Magic has provided the most common Online Banking Methods used. Read below to see what they are.

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To Download and Install the Casino Software is the first thing you should do when beginning to Play Online. Decide on which Casino you choose to play at then select the Open a Real Account option. Register a Real Account then purchase credits using one of the many Online Banking Methods that we have listed below.

Payment Solutions

PrePaid ATM

If you don't like the fact that the Casino website's need your personal details then the PrePaid ATM Card is just for you. It is the only Card that can be used when purchasing Online that only requires your card number and name. There is no personal details that are needed which makes it one of the more safer methods when Banking Online.

Visa / Mastercard

There are a lot of Online Casinos that accept Euro Mastercard, Matercard and Visa Credit Cards.

Wire Transfer

When searching for a reliable and safe deposit methods then try the Wire transfer.
The deposits are made straight from your bank account to the casino account.

Neteller Casinos

If you are looking for a fast, and secure method when Banking Online then the NeTeller Casino deposits are for you. It is the more preferred method used when banking online as it is a quick and safe way of transferring money. Same day payments and almost immediate cash transfers makes it a popular choice. Fund your NeTeller account in a number of ways such as via bank account, member to merchant, credit card or member to member.
NeTeller unfortunately no longer allows deposits for Canadian and USA Citizens.

ACH Bank Transfer

A transferring method known as the ACH Bank Transfer is a method that transfers money from your bank account to casino account. You will need to supply the following information to make an ACH transaction which may vary from casino to casino.
Last name.
First name.
The 9-digit ABA or routing number of bank.
E-mail address.
Full name of signatory as it appears on the US bank account.
Bank account number.
Type of account example: cheque or savings.
Amount you would like to deposit (US$).


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Last Updated 5 June 2013
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