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The Popularity of Online Bingo

The rise in the popularity of online bingo over the last few years has been astounding, with the number of people rising exponentially over the last decade despite changes in the country's economic situation.

Many people think that bingo is mostly played by older women, and while the demographic does appear in the statistics, it is actually young women in the 20-30 age group which are most heavily represented in the players that we see online. One possible reason for this could be the fact that while bingo does require a monetary stake, it is not seen as 'real' gambling, unlike games such as blackjack and poker.

Another factor is the social aspect of the game. Bingo was traditionally a game played in halls which functioned as much as social clubs as bingo halls, although during number calling there has to be strict silence so that people can hear the numbers called. The social element of bingo is retained in the online gaming bingo rooms, with many players using the chat function to socialise with other players online.

The online version of bingo is much easier to play than the traditional counterpart. Computers can detect the numbers as they are 'called' automatically checking them as the game progresses, with no chance then of a number being missed as all mistakes would be automatically corrected by the program.

Another attractive feature of online bingo is the fairness. All cards have an equal chance to win and the random number generator cannot be tricked which is why bingo is a popular way to spend time for women and men of all ages who want the excitement of a flutter without the pressure or skill set required by harder gambling games.

The popularity of online bingo can be seen in the number of advertisements appearing both digitally and in print and the number of players is expected to keep growing over time as more people get connected to the web on their phones and other internet devices.


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Last Updated 30 April 2015
The Popularity of Online Bingo